Gesicht Statt Schminke

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Gesicht statt Schminke is a highly emotional journey into the world of Neuromancer. 80ies references in songs like "Dreiecken"; and "Das Mausetote Wasserbrot" - both tunes that are really catchy - are placed on an equal footing with more acoustic, songoriented pieces like "Lioba", "Jederzeit bereit", "So viel Schönes and with more aggressive rap oriented songs like "Na dann move ma" and "Einzunull". Seemingly opposite styles are merging together under the hood of Neuromancer.

Neuromancer's music is not limited by styles. In times of political meaningless and musical production fetishism the album title "Gesicht statt Schminke" (the pure face instead of makeup) is like a plea to the natural feeling of music and to a perception of your social environment that is not limited by personal prejudices. On Gesicht statt Schminke Neuromancer breaks with numerous taboos and talks shamlessly and in a very direct manner about issues that may shock certain people but at the same time he is never acting in a vulgar way. You may call it a demystification of personal and social relationships.

Cautiousness may be wise though: in the world of Neuromancer you will not find a pretentious code of honors, political correctness nor false coolness nor the typical pop-discourse. But Neuromancer is not using razzmatazz, actually every time you seem to be close to demasking him a wave of cynical sarcasm is rolling across your head. The only limit is given by emotions and the emotions might be his actual face (Gesicht). You might see it in line with Erasmus of Rotterdam who has not been fully innocent in connection with the album title: "I am not using make-up and my face is not hiding how my inside is looking"

Neuromancer: Gesicht Statt Schminke

Einleitung Neuromancer 00' 51''
Breakup Neuromancer 03' 40''
Lioba Neuromancer 04' 10''
Berlin, Berlin Neuromancer 02' 58''
Dreiecken Neuromancer 04' 40''
So Viel Schönes Neuromancer 03' 43''
Plattenreiter Neuromancer 04' 16''
Na Dann Move Ma Neuromancer 02' 57''
Das Mausetote Wasserbrot Neuromancer 04' 20''
Einszunull Neuromancer 03' 23''
Jederzeit Bereit Neuromancer 04' 10''

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