Nev Lilit

Adorable Ruin

Moloton MOLOTON007LP
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‘Adorable Ruin’ is the second release from Siri Jennefelt under her Nev Lilit moniker, and the first one to be released on vinyl. It consists of two longer compositions, one of them in three parts on the first side and the other on the B-side. Each part of the release starts with a drone that seem to be of a similar design, but brings us into vastly differing worlds. Jennefelt’s blend of large, primal drums and meticulously crafted synthesis that move about independent of each other makes a fitting canvas for her extensive arsenal of haunting, dystopian sound design. There is both an immediacy to this release that feels like a direct reflection of the confrontational nature and despair of the present-day world, but it is also obscured by a great calm, that bares with it an eerie, bleak foreboding of the desolation following a potential societal collapse.
‘Adorable Ruin’ is Nev Lilit’s second full-length release, and will be available on vinyl, limited to 200 copies, and as a digital album. It will be released on May 24th as a part of Moloton’s first vinyl batch together with Sonja Tofik & Mar-llena’s ‘Vilar i dina spa°r’.

Nev Lilit: Adorable Ruin

Adorable Ruin: New Wound Nev Lilit 4' 40''
Adorable Ruin: Abra Nev Lilit 6' 56''
Adorable Ruin: Liquid Eve Nev Lilit 7' 20''
Cave Nev Lilit 12' 20''

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