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Come Into My House

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Recorded at The Hive Studio in Vancouver (with the help of a sizeable grant from the Canadian government and the talents of nine guest musicians), Come Into My House achieves an unexpected cohesiveness despite the wide range of musical styles covered in its forty-one minutes. Golden era Hollywood musicals, Jam & Lewis-inspired production techniques, the icy displacement of contemporary r'n'b, and the breadth of Arthur Russell's, disco, pop, and avant garde compositional work are referenced and married together by novelistic narrative strains, a lush instrumental palette, and a cinematic atmosphere.

Come Into My House is an album set in the perpetual Autumn New England of Douglas Sirk's classic melodramas. Krgovich's songs are populated by stuffy, lonely, Ivy League educated recluses with amazing wardrobes, languishing in empty beach houses while the leaves whip past enormous picture windows. Its dreariness in only the broadest of gestures, made Technicolor and hugely romantic with sweeping orchestral arrangements. Like the characters in an Alex Katz painting coming to life and bursting into song, Come Into My House turns the mundane into cinemascopic musical extravaganza. Its easy to imagine Busby Berkeley-esque dance numbers for any one of these twelve tracks. Ambitious to the point of absurdity, Come Into My House is an album too grand to ignore.

No Kids: Come Into My House

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Four Freshmen Locked Out As The Sun Goes Down No Kids 2' 45''
Old Iron Gate No Kids 3' 37''
You Look Good To Me No Kids 4' 01''
Listen For It / Courtyard Music No Kids 4' 02''
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