Nozomu Matsumoto


The Death Of Rave RAVE024
  • EP: Edition of 300, one-sided whitelabel with holographic sticker, plus a 12x12” insert transcript
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Nozomu Matsumoto is an artist and curator behind EBM(T), Tokyo - representing work by Robin Mackay, TCF, Sam Kidel, etc. ‘Climatotherapy’ is his first physical release following a number of self- published digital works and mixes for online publications.

’Climatotherapy’ is Nozomu’s soundtrack for a health forecast given by Amazon’s Text-to-Speech interface Polly, and is perhaps the most disturbing , as well as the most evocative release on The Death Of Rave label to date; creating a widescreen, hi-definition world where you’re never quite sure what’s real.

’Climatotherapy’ features Polly narrating a non-linear text intersecting issues of morality in Artificial Intelligence with the artist’s experience of meteoropathic sickness, and its symptoms related to barometric fluctuations and psychic-atmospheric disturbance.

Nozomu imagines that Polly curates our mental and moral energy into health by high-definition MIDI orchestration. Polly’s prognostications come framed by a hyperreal tapestry of idyllic ambient, cinematic strings and R&B folk tropes, conveying Nozomu’s ideas with clinically emotive clarity.

The effect is uncannily calculated, using additional human vocals and music to limn in HD detail an up-to-the minute and personal perspective on themes of AI and morality which could be called key to Japan’s hauntology.

A strikingly singular work, the 15 minute ‘Climathotherapy’ effectively resonates with the novel musical sci-fi of James Ferraro, Elysia Crampton and T C F, as well as The Death of Rave’s own editions such as Mark Leckey’s ‘GreenScreenRefrigerator’ and Sam Kidel’s ‘Disruptive Muzak’. It’s a properly unique record of its times.

Nozomu Matsumoto: Climatotherapy

Climatotherapy Nozomu Matsumoto 16' 06''

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