Live In San Francisco

Rock Is Hell RIP79
  • 2LP: Includes download, incl. printed inner sleeves
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A mesmerizing live set by OCS—JOHN DWYER and BRIGID DAWSON with a 7-piece backing band featuring PAUL QUATTRONE, TIM HELLMAN, TOM DOLAS, HEIDI MAUREEN ALEXANDER, and a string section comprised of HEATHER LOCKIE, EMILY ELKIN and ERIC CLARK. Recorded by ERIC BAUER at the Chapel in SF, December 17, 2017.

Packaged in offset printed thick cardboard slip-in jackets with offset printed card innersleeves.

OCS: Live In San Francisco

Memory Of A Cut Off Head (Live) OCS 5' 12''
Cannibal Planet (Live) OCS 4' 19''
Remote Viewer (Live) OCS 5' 55''
The Baron Sleeps (Live) OCS 2' 24''
On & On Cooridor (Live) OCS 5' 26''
Neighbor Ton None (Live) OCS 3' 33''
The Fool (Live) OCS 6' 04''
The Chopping Block (Live) OCS 3' 52''
Time Tuner (Live) OCS 8' 08''
Lift A Finger (Live) OCS 4' 33''
Dreadful Day (Live) OCS 4' 27''
Iceburg (Live) OCS 2' 51''
Block Of Ice (Live) OCS 24' 55''

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