Dream Operator

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Manchester miasma-house specialist Andrew Anderton aka Olsen sculpts swirling, stream-of-consciousness rhythms inspired by subliminal perception, hyperspace anime, and reflections on how the mind works. His latest is also his haziest, tracked at home on analog synths bathed in echo, tape-hiss, and found sounds, conjuring a liminal realm between sleep and reality ruled by a shadowy figure: the Dream Operator. Opaque acid, mumbling voices, and decayed keys whisper in the periphery, tethered by black hole bass, a narcoleptic kick, and dusty claps. This is music for “the space between,” where the dream operator takes control, and “shows you an image of a tree, soft fruit growing... night falls, and the black dog serenade continues.” Compelling contemporary warehouse noir by a producer poised for heady depths.

Mastered by Matt Tammariello.

Olsen: Dream Operator

Inside Olsen 1' 30''
Narkoblues Olsen 1' 30''
After Glow Olsen 1' 30''
Long Now Olsen 1' 10''
Stolen Fruit Olsen 1' 30''
Black Dog Serenade Olsen 1' 30''
Scant Sanity Olsen 1' 30''
Nektarin 5 Olsen 1' 30''

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