Omar Di Bongo

Niobium Beats

Serendip.Lab SERLP008
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Omar Di Bongo is an audio-visual project that melts video feedback from Hugo Saugier with two figures of french underground techno scene, Somaticae (In Paradisum, Tanzprocesz...) known for his dark cutting edge techno, and C_C (Small But Hard, Kvitnu...) master of no input mixer feedbacks, and savage analog industrial beats. Their music merges industrial music with tribal polyrythms, and makes us dive into a certain kind of psychedelia between hallucination and dementia. Reduced to the essence, their productions bring back techno to its core, the trance dimension, often fogotten in many modern musics of this genre.

Omar Di Bongo: Niobium Beats

Mystère 20 Omar Di Bongo 6' 34''
Horus Omar Di Bongo 8' 20''
Niobium Beats Omar Di Bongo 5' 52''
Mami Wata Omar Di Bongo 9' 47''

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