Ondness / Serpente

Celas Death Squad

Sucata Tapes SUC20
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Lisbon’s finest Bruno Silva aka Ondness aka Serpente aka a bunch of other monikers (google it) presents a schizophrenic split EP on Sucata Tapes, featuring different projects on each side.

Ondness showcases what Bruno’s ‘main’ project has been elegantly and quietly doing for a while. Sound debris, chopped beats and rejected samples are intertwined to create two unique epic tracks that travel far and wide between the zones where you wished you would be.

Serpente delves deeper into Bruno’s repetitive mantra styles. Blasting sample based beats into a disparate whole, and coherently collaging it all through vivid sleep walking techniques.

"Ondness is the undisputed Portuguese master of melodic concrète, stretching and skewing gentle sample into montages that have been getting smaller, slicker and increasingly expressive over recent releases. Few artists can ever suck the listener in utilising such sparse tools, and no other has done it so consistently in recent years." - Tristan Bath / The Quietus

Ondness / Serpente: Celas Death Squad

Pele de Sombra Ondness 12' 22''
Radio Oeste VIP Ondness 7' 18''
Ondness Serpente 10' 20''
Ídolo Serpente 12' 42''

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