Open Corner

Empty Pool To No One

Recital R48CD
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Here Asha Sheshadri and Christian Mirande record together as Open Corner. Vocal accounts of mundane suburbia and human despondency by Asha, under a woven forest of pops and cracks and creaks courtesy of Christian.

In a way the texts remind me of Robert Ashley’s “Au Pair” pieces (from the 2nd Atalanta CD), overrun by the swamp of a broken dishwasher and a leaking wine fridge.

Emotionally and sonically claustrophobic. A unique take on voice and sound: in-between an audiobook and a sound-map. Exhausted and hungover, the frequencies and intense proximity really fit the digital CD format. - Sean McCann

Open Corner: Empty Pool To No One

Styrofoam Plate Still Life Open Corner 5' 37''
A Mind On The Outs With Itself Open Corner 3' 24''
Arcadia Open Corner 3' 56''
Suture of Love Open Corner 2' 37''
Floundering Open Corner 4' 38''
Dancing With A Vacuum Open Corner 8' 27''

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