Other Lands

Pattern Transform

Firecracker FIREC025
  • EP: Silkscreened artwork
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Abandon all expectations ye who enter here, Other Lands (previous, druid-like incantations on FIREC015 Mac-Talla Nan Creag) got you covered with a truly compelling assortment of jazz snaz and post-armaggedon cosmo-disco oddities; occupying the space between alien-revisited exotica, classic jacking house workouts and a BoC 'Chromakey Dreamcoat' kinda vibe, seemingly elusive at first but definitely familiar to the ears of uncool survivors like you and I. One thing's sure, Other Lands could throw a balearic party at one of Berghain's most secret leather-friendly backrooms that it wouldn't feel out of place. Never mind the weird, inverse sun-tan lines.

Other Lands: Pattern Transform

Descent Into Nasqueron Pattern Transform 2' 00''
Chapel Perilous Closed Pattern Transform 1' 57''
Late Feeling Yourself Pattern Transform 1' 10''
A Paddle Around The Drowned World Pattern Transform 50''

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