Oto Hiax

Oto Hiax

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Editions Mego present the first full length release from Oto Hiax. Comprised of Mark Clifford (Seefeel) and Scott Gordon (Loops Haunt) ‘title’ follows on from last years acclaimed EP ‘One’.

Embracing a series of sonic opposites ‘title’ employs electronic and concrete sound to construct a labyrinth of moods sliding from basic repetition to complex audio suites. The mood is such that the listener is advised to embrace the unexpected as unusual elements gently drift across the audio plane. Exquisitely executed, this is no foray into generic sound design but a rich and complex ruse whereby seemingly jarring sonic elements play out a subtle and harmonious bridge between a variety of musical styles and genres. Insh carries the kind of hallowed kraut comfort that only seasoned professionals can harness whereas Eses Mitre disorientates in the most enticing fashion. Oto Hiax have produced an album of exquisite detail and beauty. Now is their time.

Oto Hiax: Oto Hiax

Insh Oto Hiax
Flist Oto Hiax
Dhull Oto Hiax
Eses Mitre Oto Hiax
Creeks Oto Hiax
Bearing & Writhe Oto Hiax
Littics Oto Hiax
Thruft Oto Hiax
Lowlan Oto Hiax
Hak Oto Hiax
Hok Oto Hiax
Loyal Odes Oto Hiax

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