P. Adrix

Álbum Desconhecido

Príncipe Discos P022EP
  • EP: Repress, printed sleeve
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Adrix (P stands for Produtor) is one of those contemporary puzzles: born and raised in Lisbon, of Angolan descent, he moved to London at 19,. There is an interplay between bass and beat stems in hie music. Fierce, techy, twitchy grooves run through the whole of "Álbum Desconhecido". Not surprisingly, Adrix has a soft spot for drum n bass but that's because it clicked with the adrenalin rush leaping out of kuduro, his true long-standing obsession.

The shiny synth washes on a track such as "Viva La Raça" come from that place in the future where everything is that bit more synthetic, kind of dangerous and uncertain, and then there's a glimpse of Portugal in "Tejo", soulful, real, imagined. As are the dreamy tones of "Estação de Queluz", an actual suburban train station that will probably never again be glorified with such love.

But we feel we need to stay close to the jaw-dropping moment when we first heard his music and that can be defined by the title "Ovni". We are not creating, we are transmitting. What do we know? "So that at last, as though out of some trivial and unimportant region beyond even distance, the sound of it seems to come slow and terrific and without meaning, as though it were a ghost travelling a half mile ahead of its own shape. ‘That far within my hearing before my seeing,’ Lena thinks." - Light in August, William Faulkner

P. Adrix: Álbum Desconhecido

Zelda Shyt P. Adrix 2' 43''
Bola De Cristal P. Adrix 2' 18''
6.6.6 P. Adrix 1' 56''
Estação De Queluz P. Adrix 1' 52''
Ovni P. Adrix 1' 55''
Abertura Da Roda P. Adrix 2' 32''
Sonhos P. Adrix 2' 59''
Tejo P. Adrix 2' 30''
Viva La Raça P. Adrix 3' 04''

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