Palmbomen II

Memories of Cindy Pt.1

Beats In Space BIS024
  • 12”: One per customer, ltd. to 350 copies
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One per customer

Kai Hugo eulogizes our dear Cindy through new Palmbomen II music and a surreal, neo-noir lens, chronicled over a series of four 12” EPs and public access television transmissions. Crack open a refreshing Apple Shorle™, and direct your remotes to channel BIS to experience an initial offering and explanation.

The first three Palmbomen 12”s, Memories of Cindy Pt. 1 – 3, will be available exclusively on vinyl. Memories of Cindy Pt. 4 will be available exclusively as a “box set” including the first three 12”s. Each set includes a unique, pre-tragedy polaroid portrait of Cindy taken by Kai Hugo. Edition of 350.

Palmbomen II: Memories of Cindy Pt.1

I Feel Everything Palmbomen II 1' 13''
Pure Tibet Palmbomen II 2' 00''
ALOHAnet Palmbomen II 2' 00''
Seventeen Palmbomen II 1' 00''
RTL Unifeeder Palmbomen II 2' 00''
Peter Accepts Death Palmbomen II 2' 00''

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