Autumn Eternal

Bindrune Recordings BR034CD
  • CD: 4 Panel Mini Gatefold with Insert
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Autumn is here covering the landscape with its amber raiment, transforming it into a fiery land of colour and wonder. Just like this season of fire Panopticon's new creation colours our inner world with autumn's sparkling shades, putting tunes to this season of transcendence. Autumn Eternal is an incredibly well-composed album by the multifaceted artist A. Lunn. It is a deep and soulful journey which reflects on a seemingly eternal quest of this talented and kind-hearted individual, steeped in sadness and beauty. Autumn Eternal is a beautiful work of art created in the sign of melancholy and in which the metal genre is interwoven with other traditional music styles, forming one of the most captivating, illuminating and honest metal albums in 2015.

Panopticon: Autumn Eternal

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