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"Lycanthropy n.1.the supposed transformation from human being into wolf 2. A delusion in which a person believes he is a wolf"

"Lycanthropy" is the journey young Patrick Wolf has made from boy to WOLF. It is a collection of songs that he composed from the ages of 11-18, marking his journey through puberty and self discovery.

This journey spans vast emotional, physical and sonic ground. From the desolated vigour of "London" and "To the lighthouse" via the fairytale folk of "Peter Pan" and Pigeon Song" to the danceable pagan punk of "Bloodbeat" and "Don't Say No" (written on Mayday in a remote Cornish bungalow). Such Wolf stories sit alongside the disturbing confessional of "The Childcatcher" to the joyous resolution of "Lycanthropy" and brutal exodus of "Paris".

Musically, Wolf sees himself as a 21st Century folk artist, which includes playing viola, accordion, and ukulele as well as his trusty laptop by his side. With laptop, the folk artist can go ANYWHERE and record, from a city squat to a forest cabin. The result is a mixture of haunting melodies, beautiful strings, glitch core beats, cut up field recordings, and passionate singing and lyrics. His musical influences include: Joni Mitchell, Meredith Monk, The Pixies, Vashti Bunyan, Chet Baker, Lucia Pamela, Pierre Boulez, PJ Harvey, Osvaldo Golijov, Digital Hardcore Recordings, Bjork, Clara Rockmore, John Cale and Nico,

Comments from arranger, composer David Whitaker…"He seems to cover a lot of ground twixt folk and avant-garde. Very good arrangements. For me, 'London' had the best song development with clever use of chimes and is quasi fugal. Well written."

Wolf's live performances have entranced and entertained many, from wild pogoing tracks like "A Boy Like Me" to the beauty of "Demolition", club and gig audiences alike have been returning to gig after gig after gig.

"Lycanthropy" is an album that will appeal from everyone from new folkies to left-of-centre clubkids, angst-ridden students, chin-stroking anorak musos, and last but not least, your mum. It is an LP that in 20 years time, a whole new generation of people will pick it up to enjoy it and its honest, vital sentiments.

Selected Press Quotes:

"Is he Bjork as a boy? A beautiful new-millennial David Sylvian? Both, and neither. But if anyone asks you to identify the outstanding new musical stars of this century so far, don't forget to cry Wolf..."

"This debut is relentlessly resourceful, never failing to reveal a new instrument." - All Music Guide

"Thoroughly engaging and refreshingly passionate, this wunderkind is one of a kind." - Mirror (Montreal)

"...I haven't anticipated an album this much in a while. Lycanthropy has done its job well." - Splendid

"...Wolf has constructed a themed record that deftly manipulates myths while brazenly striding into new, tumultuous territory." - Pitchfork

"...billows through the Tube station atop a braindance bob akin to The Postal Service." - XLR8R

" involving narrative. 3*** Stars" - Los Angeles Times

Patrick Wolf: Lycanthropy

Prelude Patrick Wolf 1' 32''
Wolf Song Patrick Wolf 3' 28''
Bloodbeat Patrick Wolf 3' 51''
To The Lighthouse Patrick Wolf 4' 06''
Pigeon Song Patrick Wolf 3' 35''
Don't Say No Patrick Wolf 4' 02''
The Childcatcher Patrick Wolf 4' 28''
Demolition Patrick Wolf 6' 07''
London Patrick Wolf 3' 54''
Paris Patrick Wolf 4' 47''
Peter Pan Patrick Wolf 1' 53''
Lycanthropy Patrick Wolf 4' 10''
A Boy Like Me Patrick Wolf 3' 29''
Epiloque Patrick Wolf 2' 08''

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