Philip Corner


Alga Marghen PLANA-CALGA048
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PoorManMusic (1966): Homemade noise made by, among others, Philip Corner, Max Neuhaus, Steve Reich, James Tenney, Malcolm Goldstein, Jackson Mac Low, Dick Higgins, Alison Knowles, Carolee Schneemann, Jerome Rothenberg... the Technicians of the Sacred. Gift Event III: A Celebration for poets, musicians, and dancers, based on the orders of the Seneca Indian Eagle Dance and performed at the Judson Dance Theatre, Judson Memorial Church, New York City, March 21 and 22, 1967. A part of the Spring Happenings.

Historical recording of previously unpublished Fluxus classic masterpiece available now in a limited edition of 300 copies. Pulse polyphony!

The simplest materials and the things your own body is and does claps, slaps, stamps. Rubbing and scratching: body, all parts, and clothing if any voices. And all the sounds your voice and breath and throat may make except words. Although a mightbe rare&special one- sound deep word and meaning / warning, affectations show up. If sincere, express. Better a middle and easy utterance of like natural soundings & thus beyond outside things, but the matter might be simple sticks of every day life. The small stones and the fabrics papers and textures, easily picked up. Rattle, rattles, nuts little bells, seeds this is not quite all of homemade noise makers.

The group cohesion and reentering and listening (ensemble sensitive) Out of flux of differing individual tempi, to fuse into one Felt agreed beat (this is easier, very easy, than it may seem) In period of pulse - polyphony... non-rationalizable multiplicity of the beats. And the whole at ease. If ever at extremes of intensity, and moving towards their implications of passions, let it relax and tend intowards the mean, just the energy and the continuing which is devotion in every day life and works.

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