Philipp Bückle


Moving Furniture Records MFR053LP
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Paintings, after Sketches (Magnetic Purely) and Drawings (Invisible City Recordings), represents the last work in a trilogy marking the re-emergence of Philipp Bückle as a musician.

After burying the Teamforest project at the end of the noughties Philipp didn't much feel like creating music for some years, at least not on his own. Instead he concentrated on a more visual approach to expression. But in 2014, during a hot summer in Copenhagen, a birth and long wanderings through his hometown Dortmund, he found himself in peculiar places, both musically and physically. The result was a very fruitful phase of recordings spread over all three releases of the trilogy.

Philipp's very personal music combines a visually organic aspect with experimental compositions, creating a singular sound world that on the one hand exudes warmth, familiarity and comfort, while on the other hand renders so much yet to discover.
Within the music the varying moods are reflected in the titles of the sound paintings, from warm September evenings to rainy days and from a seascape to a wedding.

The record was carefully mastered for vinyl by Stephan Mathieu at Schwebung. All cover artwork of the trilogy was designed by Caro Mikalef at Cabina.

Philipp Bückle: Paintings

Elegant Company In Front Of A Palace Philipp Bückle 5' 35''
Winter Scene In A Suburb Of Copenhagen Philipp Bückle 4' 29''
Village Seen Through Trees Philipp Bückle 3' 28''
Quai De Paris At Rouen, Rainy Weather Philipp Bückle 3' 59''
Boys Bathing At Skagen, Summer Evening Philipp Bückle 2' 06''
Ships At Anchor, Winter Philipp Bückle 3' 23''
Figures On A Road Through The Woods Philipp Bückle 3' 38''
A Seascape, The Coast Of The Island In Evening Light Philipp Bückle 4' 46''
Landscape With Poplars, September Evening Philipp Bückle 4' 22''
Peasant Wedding, Dance In The Open Air Philipp Bückle 4' 58''
Sunshine In The Living Room, The Artist's Wife And Child Philipp Bückle 2' 10''
Sun Reflections On The Sea At Sainte-Adresse Philipp Bückle 1' 51''

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