Piano Interrupted

The Unified Field Reconstructed

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  • LP: Includes download, Thick sleeves + thick printed inner sleeves, 180g vinyl
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Piano Interrupted, the anglo / french duo formed by Tom Hodge and Franz Kirmann is a musical entity in constant reinvention, their music constantly evolving and transforming from concert to concert, record to record. Studio compositions are deconstructed for live shows, becoming brand new pieces, which in turn serve as a basis for future new compositions, like a never-ending “mise en abyme”

It was just a question of time then before the pair turned to other producers to ask them to rework their music. Concentrating exclusively on material from their last LP “The Unified Field,” Piano Interrupted asked a handful of artists and producers (all from Denovali Records' roster) to reinvent some of their compositions.

Oscillating between dub, techno, abstract hip hop, ambient and post-classical, each interpretation offers a completely fresh approach to the work, sometimes barely recognisable, and sheds new light on the infinite directions that Piano Interrupted's intricate compositions can be taken. It is a reminder of the possibilities and a promise of more exquisite exploration in the duo's 3rd album, scheduled for later this year, based on recordings taking place in Senegal (where Franz spent his childhood) in February.

Piano Interrupted: The Unified Field Reconstructed

Cross Hands (Hidden Orchestra Remix) Piano Interrupted 5' 54''
Two or three things (Franz Kirmann Remix) Piano Interrupted 6' 06''
Accidental fugue (Origamibiro Rework) Piano Interrupted 4' 18''
Darkly shining (John Lemke Rework) Piano Interrupted 5' 22''
Emoticon (Floex Remix) Piano Interrupted 5' 19''
Lost coda (Saffronkeira Reinvented) Piano Interrupted 8' 45''
Camera obscura (Second Moon of Winter Remix) Piano Interrupted 4' 44''

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