Pip Proud

A Bird In The Engine

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In the late '60s, PIP PROUD recorded two of the oddest records ever to come out of Australia – Adreneline & Richard and A Bird In The Engine – before vanishing into obscurity for the better part of three decades. Often called the "Australian Syd Barrett," yet PROUD actually released his second album in 1969, a year prior to The Madcap Laughs, and developed his indigenous psychedelia in virtual isolation.

A Bird In The Engine is even more rare than his debut. From the extraordinary "Eagle-Wise" to the remarkable title track (which includes the uncredited performance of a friend hitting a cardboard box with a microphone), PROUD's unrestrained genius is laid bare, a delicate tension of simple melodies and maddening form.

While other compilations of PROUD's music have been released in recent years, this is the first time A Bird In The Engine has been reissued in its original format. Recommended for fans of Alvarius B., Donovan and Jandek.

Pip Proud: A Bird In The Engine

Marie Pip Proud 4' 42''
Hey Sue Pip Proud 3' 06''
A Fraying Space Pip Proud 4' 47''
Empty Pip Proud 3' 03''
She Says To Me Pip Proud 1' 20''
She Dwindles Her Finger Pip Proud 4' 04''
A Bird in the Engine Pip Proud 3' 09''
Eagle-Wise Pip Proud 1' 42''
French Girls Pip Proud 2' 25''
Vida Pip Proud 3' 04''
There Is No Rest Pip Proud 59''
Nancy Pip Proud 3' 52''
Lover, Lover Pip Proud 54''

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