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"Breakout Seattle Rapper Porter Ray Is Distilling Generations Of Hip-Hop On His Debut Album ‘Watercolor’"
The project features original production from B-Roc, Dez Anthony, Kmtk and Tele Fresco and was mixed by Erik Blood. It is vocally flavored by guest appearances from THEE Satisfaction’s Stas THEE Boss, Cashtro, Nate Jack, and Jus Moni. Iconic Central District MC, Infinite, of Narkotik and Tribal Productions as well as Black Constellation elders Palaceer Lazaro and Fly Guy Dai of Shabazz Palaces also make key contributions.

Porter Ray: Watercolor

Waves Porter Ray 2' 18''
East Seattle Porter Ray 2' 35''
Bulletprooof Windows Porter Ray 4' 27''
Past Life Porter Ray 3' 40''
Everybody (Interlude) Porter Ray 4' 01''
The Mirror Between Us Porter Ray 4' 44''
Sacred Geometry Porter Ray 3' 30''
Arithmetic Porter Ray 5' 20''
Navi Truck Porter Ray 4' 35''
Lightro (Looking For The Light) Porter Ray 4' 43''
Dissolving In A Daydream Porter Ray 3' 26''
My Mother's Words Porter Ray 2' 58''
Beautiful Porter Ray 5' 41''

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