Finding The Floor

Not Not Fun NNF 300 MC
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Philly trawler Noah Anthony’s pulverized industrial designs under the black Profligate flag have grown increasingly caustic and cracked, culminating in the eight misery beat clawhammers comprising his sophomore full-length, Finding The Floor. What’s particularly impressive given Anthony’s history in form-frying outfits like Form A Log and Social Junk is how deft and purposefully these pieces are arranged – asylum weaponry fashioned from scavenged hardware. Of the record’s eight cuts, only “Can’t Stop Shaking” has seen release before (though the LP version is a fresh edit); the rest rip through variously frenzied frequencies of slaughterhouse techno, basement desperation, maniac minimal wave, heavy breathing, and shattered glass dub. Only the closer, “We Can Have It All,” hints at an escape hatch, glassy synth-pop bliss pinned against a Belgian new beat rhythm. All in all a slaying, sleek selection by one of our favorite heads in the game. Electronic body music as existential prison break: “Can’t stop shaking / can’t stand myself.” Mastered by Alex Nagle. Sleeve design by Noah Anthony.

Profligate: Finding The Floor

Girl Full Of Joy Profligate 4' 34''
We're Desperate Profligate 5' 07''
Can't Stop Shaking Profligate 6' 39''
Dormant Profligate 6' 25''
Maniac Will Win Profligate 5' 39''
Basement Profligate 4' 42''
Laughing Song Profligate 4' 31''
Finding The Floor Profligate 8' 08''
Ambient Metal Room (Impossible) Profligate 4' 58''
We Can Have It All Profligate 6' 18''

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