Dance Tracksz

Diagonal Diagonal 033 LP
  • LP: Ltd. to 500 copies, incl. printed Inner Sleeve
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Dance Tracksz is the body-checking return of Prostitutes to Diagonal; a no pretences rave set built minimal and raw for hard worked ‘floors. The label’s Cleveland, Ohio ambassador has cut out any sentimentality and gone straight for the rave jugular with no concession to ascetic consistency, knocking up one of his fiercest examples of brutalist funk in the process.

It’s Prostitutes’ 3rd and most substantial release for Diagonal, a swaggering and unzipped affirmation of the styles on 2013s Shatter And Lose and Ecstasy, Crashing Beats And Fantasy from 2015, and clearly catches the label’s close ally in the mood for getting wasted.

Prostitutes’ Dance Tracksz are skooled with the sort of street knowledge and bluntness that perhaps comes from life as a Technopunk in a blue collar industrial city such as Cleveland, OH: the bullish, PCP-style hardcore bookends of Ah Yeah and War Goes On say their piece in no uncertain terms, whilst Bottle spits pure industrial street funk and Prey deals in riot-inciting jungle-tekno. Even the album’s sole moment of sentimentality, I Luv U Bruv - a gesture of affection for his label boss, Powell - is delivered with an acrid lash of electro-techno, but at least you know he means it.

In a soundworld spoilt for choice, Prostitutes’ refusal of shiny tricks is admirable and almost subversive in the face of hands-in-the-air breakdowns, but there’s something about the way he wrenches out every last drop of rusty, jacking funk from his machines that leaves no doubt about Dance Tracksz effect at close quarters.

Prostitutes: Dance Tracksz

Ah Yeah Prostitutes 4' 18''
Bottle Smashing Prostitutes 4' 39''
Prey Prostitutes 4' 43''
Rudeboy Prostitutes 5' 31''
Luv U Bruv Prostitutes 4' 04''
Hot Key Motherfucker Prostitutes 3' 51''
Reds Prostitutes 4' 45''
War Goes On Prostitutes 5' 51''

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