Purity Supreme

Always Already

Touch Ash 10.1
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Four new tracks from Purity Supreme. Purity Supreme is a collaboration between French musician, composer and producer Christophe Van Huffel and American writer, musician and composer Leslie Winer. Always Already was recorded in France at Studio7Love in May 2011.

"This seems like an unusual one for the much-respected Touch affiliate Ash International, although in keeping with the label’s eclecticism. It’s a four-song collaboration between French composer and producer Christophe Van Huffel and notorious ex-model and avant-gardian writer Leslie Winer. Winer’s surfacing is notable here, as after some activity in the ‘80s in the New York orbit of William S. Burroughs and Basquiat, she has not been active except for producing the culty-loved ‘90s album Witch.
Mostly Always Already consists of vaguely menacing, sometimes rootsy rock music—a touch of the dark swing of Fiona Apple—with Winer’s spoken-word poetry over the top. The vocals are clearly the focus here, and Winer’s delivery is distinctive: a deep, jaded narcotic sigh, scorched around the edges, like she can barely get the words out. Like she has seen it all.
Sometimes her narrative is wearily cyclical: “I got stuck inside of a faerie ring / Jesus, I couldn’t get out,” she repeats on “Half Past 3 Cowboy.” Sometimes there’s gory wordplay: “I got a couple of drops of Indian blood, mostly on my hands,” she drawls casually on “Dunderhead.” There is disjointed closeup imagery, as when describing a watch, a propos of nothing, on “Famous Inhabitants Of Louth.” Typically Winer repeats the full lyrical cycle, an interesting choice that calls attention to certain passages in an important way, constantly dodging and shifting.
Definitely an odd charm to this one, if you can dig the musical choices." - Foxy Digitalis

Purity Supreme: Always Already

Milk St. Purity Supreme 5' 56''
Half Past 3 Cowboy Purity Supreme 3' 53''
The Famous Inhabitants Of Louth Purity Supreme 5' 40''
Dunderhead Purity Supreme 5' 05''

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