R. Girardin

Emotional Music

Palto Flats PF008/ZG002
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R. Girardin – Emotional Music is a collaborative release from Palto Flats and Zero Grow, a contemporary rendering of synthetic midi-fusion and DAW experimentalism. Drawing links between Rashad Becker’s textured compositional approach and the multicultural electro-fetishism of Benjamin Lew, Emotional Music uses known palettes in non-traditional methods.

R. Girardin: Emotional Music

Atrium Air R. Girardin 1' 59''
Behind Shine R. Girardin 1' 36''
Grown Man R. Girardin 1' 54''
Cry R. Girardin 2' 50''
Third Hut R. Girardin 2' 50''
Nth R. Girardin 4' 17''
Royal R. Girardin 2' 47''
Splashed On R. Girardin 3' 36''
Sunk R. Girardin 3' 35''
Wave Rash R. Girardin 3' 55''

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