Multiquest Niveau 1: Camouflé

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The Grey world seems still. To the untrained eye the very briefest shimmers of light do nothing to break this mirage, they pose little threat to the zombi's sense of reality. RAMZi is moving, unseen. At this stage the workings of it’s plan is cloaked in camouflé.

This time, under the guise of a poodle moth hidden by nimbi, RAMZi continues to shake out sonic spores across the planet, coming to material form for the 4rd release on it’s own FATi records. A battle-talisman for it’s cosmic and spiritual guerrilla war against the zombification of the world, the first in the Multiquest series collects 11 quests, each one taking place on a different landscape, always championing interspecies harmony. Multiquest Niveau 1: Camouflé is the weaponisation of our unconscious creativity, to be used with deadly accuracy before slinking back into invisibility.

RAMZi: Multiquest Niveau 1: Camouflé

Quest 1: Muskin RAMZI 57''
Quest 2: Kombat (feat Jumanji) (feat Jumanji) RAMZI 1' 30''
Quest 3: Rubicon RAMZI 1' 20''
Quest 4: Balmi RAMZI 1' 29''
Quest 5: Attack Moussailon RAMZI 1' 30''
Quest 6: La Nuit L'ete 1996 RAMZI 1' 29''
Quest 7: Trancehall RAMZI 1' 29''
Quest 8: Bad Fluti RAMZI 1' 17''
Quest 9: O Saathi (For Aileen) RAMZI 1' 29''
Quest 10: Bird Again RAMZI 1' 27''
Quest 11: RAMZi's Anthem (feat SK U Kno) (feat SK U Kno) RAMZI 1' 29''

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