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Modern Love Love112LP
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After a 5 year pause for breath, Rainer Veil return with their debut full length for Modern Love; an immersive, kinematic tumble through electronic forms from hyper trance to tape dub experiments and loose polyrhythms - a summoning of ‘ardcore spirits in flux. 
A hypnotic soundworld tempered by weighty bass and angular construction, ‘Vanity’ marks a breaking away from the binds of overthinking, an embrace of imperfection. It’s a brighter set of tracks then anything we’ve heard from Rainer Veil before, discarding the foggy filters and guitar pedals that were the signature of their first two EP’s in pursuit of a more loose-limbed and swung ideal.

Rainer Veil: Vanity

Sim Screen Rainer Veil 4' 18''
FM2 Rainer Veil 3' 52''
Flex-Bliss Rainer Veil 3' 36''
Repatterning Rainer Veil 4' 26''
In Gold Mills Rainer Veil 5' 07''
Shallows Rainer Veil 5' 21''
Double Down Rainer Veil 4' 10''
Gauze Rainer Veil 5' 05''
Third Sync Rainer Veil 2' 03''
Change is Never Easy Rainer Veil 4' 08''
Elements Rainer Veil 4' 38''
Digital Spit Rainer Veil 5' 01''

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