Rat Columns

Fooling Around EP

Blackest Ever Black Blackest043
  • EP: Includes download, Ltd. to 500
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Blackest Ever Black throw another curve ball our way with the new EP from Rat Columns. Originally out on the groups album Leaf in 2014 this is the first time the extended version get a vinyl pressing and thankful we are that its happened. The track is a heady blend of swirling Ride style shoegaze guitar leaning pop that is equal parts Jesus and Mary Chain as it is motorik Neu! the rest of the EP follows suit with cheekily written indie jams perfectly capturing and composed for summer evenings in basement gigs in the suburbs. If you fell for BEB's Secret Boyfriend LP then this will be right up your street.

Rat Columns: Fooling Around EP

Fooling Around (Long Version) Rat Columns 7' 09''
Waiting In The New World Rat Columns 3' 26''
Strays Rat Columns 5' 40''
Should I Leave You Alone Rat Columns 3' 48''

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