Heavy Maple

Melodic MELO061LP
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Welcome to Heavy Maple, the debut album from rec.tangle, aka Brighton-based, France-born Adrien Rodes. A lush, dream-like, instrumental whirl, it’s the first flowering of a major talent, and the new incarnation of the artist formerly known as Topo Gigio.

Recorded as-live with Adrien playing almost all the parts (“I’m too autistic to have formed a band,” he says), the album sees Adrien move away from his sample-heavy origins to instrumental music. 70’s synthesizers, acoustic guitars, acoustic and electric pianos, percussion, organs, sitar, zither and harp-like instruments were all crammed into the 8-foot square recording space that Adrien shares with Stereolab/Jr Electronics’ Joe Watson and Baikonour’s Jean-Emmanuel Krieger in pursuit of the album’s full sound.

Rec.Tangle: Heavy Maple

Square One Rec.Tangle 3' 43''
Anima's Lament Rec.Tangle 4' 44''
Balloon Ascending Rec.Tangle 3' 53''
Hedgehog Procession (At Dawn) Rec.Tangle 5' 46''
Elliptical Equilibria Rec.Tangle 3' 05''
Seaharp Rec.Tangle 2' 35''
Ethylic Fugue in Q Minor Rec.Tangle 2' 56''
Copper Dunes Rec.Tangle 4' 09''
Dominohead Rec.Tangle 1' 55''
The Meadow Green Rec.Tangle 4' 23''
Airbone Heliotropic Medusae Rec.Tangle 4' 46''

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