Afterlife Recordings AL015
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Recondite signs his first full record to the Afterlife label, following two tracks on the Realm Of Consciousness compilations and many revered performances under the iconic man. ‘Rainmaker’ is a six-track, double-vinyl EP crafted from the delicate-yet-powerful ingredients that are Recondite’s signature. Free-falling from the tense opener ‘Valvate’ through various shades of his sound, you’re at once enchanted by the alluring melodies and moved to dance. ‘Rufus’ provides euphoria, ‘Step Back’ is trippy and minimal, ‘Arcane’ a haunting, atmospheric finish.

Recondite: Rainmaker

Valvate Recondite 2' 00''
Rainmaker Recondite 2' 00''
Saudade Recondite 2' 00''
Rufus Recondite 2' 00''
Step Back Recondite 2' 00''
Arcane Recondite 2' 00''

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