Reinhold Friedl

Music For Piano, ... Spring/Flower/Cracker/Stream

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Zeitkratzer member Reinhold Friedl revisits the piano guts some years after his much album Inside Piano (2011). While Friedl’s first solo album defined the practice of playing on the strings of a grand piano," Music For Piano, ... Spring/Flower/Cracker/Stream" mixes piano with concrete and quasi-electroacoustic, freely moving from moving from plain motifs to walls of noise. A truly beautiful and ear-pleasing record that unashamedly shows the composer’s and performer’s love for the piano.

Reinhold Friedl studied the piano with Renate Werner and Paul Schwarz in Stuttgart, Alexander von Schlippenbach and Alan Marks in Berlin, composition with Mario Bertoncini (nuova consonanza) and Witold Szalonek. He has collaborated with musicians like Phill Niblock, Elliott Sharp, Alvin Lucier, Keiji Haino, Lou Reed, Carsten Nicolai, Laurie Anderson and has released more than hundred CDs.

All tracks composed and performed by Reinhold Friedl
Recorded at the School of Music of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki on the 11 and 12 March 2017 by Yannis Paxevanis
Mixed by Yiannis paxevanis and Reinhold Friedl at Subway Studio
Mastered by Nikos Lavdas at Kiwi, Athens
Cover photo by Reinhold Friedl

Reinhold Friedl: Music For Piano, ... Spring/Flower/Cracker/Stream

Music For Piano, Cymbal, Metal Sheet, Screw, Spring Reinhold Friedl 11' 51''
Music For Piano, Metal Tube, Flower, Metal Sheet Reinhold Friedl 5' 34''
Music For Piano, Glass, Spring, Plectrum, Cracker, Screw Reinhold Friedl 8' 57''
Music For Piano, E-Bow, Stream, Cymbal Reinhold Friedl 8' 01''

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