René Margraff / Malte Cornelius Jantzen


Second Editions SE001MC
  • MC: Edition of 100
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Second Editions is pleased to present two new compositions by René Margraff and Malte Cornelius Jantzen, as a double a-side split album.

Margraff renders several organ tones with the assistance of his modular system and computer into naturally progressing, yet perfectly calculated harmonics. While Jantzen's latest cloak-and-dagger excursion into music, or inversion of music if you prefer, slows everything down to a point beyond comprehension. Listen closely. Strictly limited.

René Margraff / Malte Cornelius Jantzen: Split

Uno René Margraff 30' 00''
Untitled2 Malte Cornelius Jantzen 30' 00''

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