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Ricardo Donoso has composed a new paradigm of ambient music, in which concrete textures and digital synthesis expand on an abstract world in constant movement & mutation. Under a chain of progressive rhythm’s, cinematic textures and elegant melodicism, Donoso’s work pushes through with piercing strength, manipulating a sonic wave through space with nothing but pulse and mind blowing intensity.

Although Donoso’s work has coalesced into a much broader and dynamic beast, his early work continues to be a source of inspiration. ‘Symmetry’ now compiles Donoso’s first three albums, lovingly referred to as the “Digitalis Trilogy” which includes Progress Chance, Assimilating the Shadow and As Iron Sharpens Iron, One Verse Sharpens Another in a deluxe 4xLP BOXSET & 3xCD edition.

A truly entrancing journey of polyrhythmic counterpoint, the ‘Symmetry’ collection takes in influence from minimalist composers such as Reich & Riley, early techno and trance, and lush and deeply harmonic ambient music. It’s possible to look at the ‘Symmetry’ trilogy as a blueprint to Donoso’s later work in both its musical scope & thematic grandeur. Amidst all of its wide eyed, dreamlike states there is always a rumbling of subtle violence piercing just underneath the surface creating a truly immersive experience.

Ricardo Donoso: Symmetry

Chrome Decadence Ricardo Donoso 4' 36''
Klatu Ricardo Donoso 4' 11''
Baiting Disappointment Ricardo Donoso 4' 28''
The Deck Of An Ancient Ship Ricardo Donoso 4' 30''
Morning Criminal Ricardo Donoso 8' 21''
The North Quadrant (Ascension) Ricardo Donoso 4' 14''
Conditional Formatting (Descent) Ricardo Donoso 2' 50''
Intro Ricardo Donoso 4' 26''
Chemical Structures Ricardo Donoso 9' 08''
From Sterling to Snow Ricardo Donoso 5' 14''
Reflection & Rotation Ricardo Donoso 9' 55''
The Bow & the Lyre Ricardo Donoso 8' 28''
Empathy Gap Ricardo Donoso 3' 01''
Equivalence of the Thirteen Ricardo Donoso 8' 11''
Probing Ricardo Donoso 4' 25''
Shadow Aspect Ricardo Donoso 7' 52''
Renunciation Ricardo Donoso 9' 03''
Affirmation Ricardo Donoso 5' 46''
The Sphinx Ricardo Donoso 6' 51''
Diagonal Environment Ricardo Donoso 5' 32''
Old Straight Track Ricardo Donoso 7' 18''
The Redeemer Ricardo Donoso 7' 15''
Open Drawer Full Of Masks Ricardo Donoso 5' 50''
The Child Primitive Ricardo Donoso 7' 16''
The Master Game Ricardo Donoso 6' 19''

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