On Dry Land

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For Rimarimba’s 1984 album On Dry Land, Robert Cox advances along the terrain explored on Below The Horizon. It’s an enchanting album, one which, at times, seems to comment on its own practice; a picture of everyday life in the hobbyist’s, or part-time musician’s, recording studio. Some moments point towards the tourist-explorer aesthetic that would eventually coalesce under the banner of Fourth World music. Other moments where Cox seems to be channelling an otherness, a kind of hauntological reverie, the feeling of music that gives us an uncanny sense of déjà vu. Writer David Keenan’s description of Japanese naïve-pop group Maher Shalal Hash Baz’s music, that it “feels like sketches of places where we once were, places now made poignant by our absence” feels like an alternate take On Dry Land.

Rimarimba: On Dry Land

Do Wonders For Me Rimarimba 1' 03''
Tacky Travel Tune Rimarimba 3' 13''
Crash Rimarimba 39''
Fairground Rimarimba 59''
Down From The Sky Rimarimba 36''
I Wouldn't Ask Rimarimba 3' 54''
Can't You Feel It Rimarimba 1' 54''
Welsh Water Rimarimba 1' 05''
On The Range Rimarimba 3' 44''
Gnats Rimarimba 1' 39''
Cacoughanation Rimarimba 2' 32''
Sick Rimarimba 2' 12''
Spirit Rimarimba 11''
Foulground Rimarimba 1' 29''
Machinebeat Rimarimba 15''
Beyond Pain Rimarimba 6' 17''
Not Enough Time Rimarimba 10' 21''

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