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Milanese melting potter Sebastiano Urciuoli got his start making hip-hop/house mix tapes as a teen in the 90’s before catching the disco bug and crowning himself Club Silencio, issuing a slew of singles and edits for a spectrum of western dancefloor divisions. In the later aughts he fashioned Robotalco to pursue more eclectic crate-digger fixations like “liquid vibes, 80’s French industrial, futuristic house, and the intangible crossroads of Kingston and Detroit” – which pretty accurately pinpoints the palette of Callisto.

Recorded intermittently between summer 2016 and 2018, the collection cruises an enticing coastline of Mediterranean moods, from soft-focus suntan séance to breezy broken beats to dusk dreamer new wave to dada tropical dub and beyond. Totaling nearly an hour, it’s a vast and varied voyage of rhythm, impulse, and color, a trunk of trinkets gripped at sun-bleached harbor kiosks, showcased on leopard-print slip-mats. Indulge the myth and the moon: Callisto.

Robotalco: Callisto

Tape 1 Robotalco 1' 07''
Callisto Robotalco 1' 30''
Cuissardes Fatality Robotalco 1' 30''
Day Dreamer Robotalco 1' 30''
Bubble Rhodes Robotalco 1' 30''
Fake A Robotalco 1' 30''
Freedub Robotalco 1' 30''
Missaglia Jungle Robotalco 1' 30''
Robodub 3 Robotalco 1' 30''
Ghost Robot Robotalco 1' 30''

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