Trouble Anyway

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Philly-based musician Rosali (Long Hots, Wandering Shade) wrote the songs for her second album, Trouble Anyway, seeking empowerment by sharing openly on love, power, aging, suffering, confusion, self-doubt, and anger. The result is a full-bodied record that is at once sweeping and intimate — a vulnerable and powerful exploration of emotional narratives. With a band including Rosali’s close friends Charlie Hall (War On Drugs), Paul Sukeena (Angel Olsen), Mary Lattimore, Mike Polizze (Purling Hiss), Nathan Bowles (Steve Gunn, Black Twig Pickers) and Dan Provenzano (Purling Hiss, Writhing Squares), this album is a cohesive collection of lush, intimate rock songs, featuring Rosali’s warm, natural vocals and powerful riffing and rhythm guitar.

“Members of The War on Drugs and Purling Hiss, as well as Mary Lattimore and Nathan Bowles, join [Rosali] Middleman on Trouble Anyway, which expands Rosali’s sound with a band attuned to her shuffling guitar rhythms and introspective shifts of emotion. It’s the kind of record best heard in the winding narrative of night, as casual conversations and cheap bottles of wine gradually turn deeper, darker notes.” - NPR

Rosali: Trouble Anyway

I Wanna Know Rosali 5' 21''
Dead and Gone Rosali 4' 12''
Lie to Me Rosali 3' 49''
Who's to Say Rosali 4' 25''
Silver Eyes Rosali 3' 09''
The Trouble Rosali 3' 51''
If I Was Your Heart Rosali 3' 21''
Rise to Fall Rosali 7' 55''
Maybe I'm Right Rosali 3' 24''

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