The Art Dance

Minimal Wave MW025
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Minimal Wave presents a full length LP by Ruins, an Italian electro-wave duo. Ruins formed in Mestre in 1978 with the intention of experimenting with electronic devices and mixed media. They mainly created music out of self-expression without any intention of joining the mainstream. Interested in multimedia, they had a strong visual aesthetic apparent via their album art, videos and projections. The classic hit ‘Fire’ is one of our favorites to date, so powerful with its great energy and beautiful production. It’s where Italo meets Minimal Wave. The Fire video is a must-see in order to grasp the full effect of the song.

The LP entitled “The Art Dance” features a collection of songs, some previously released, others never released before pressed on 180 gram vinyl and housed in a glossy gatefold jacket lined with the band’s history and photos accompanied by a lyrics insert sheet.

Ruins: The Art Dance

Pure Desire Ruins 4' 35''
Nice Song Ruins 4' 15''
Short Wave Ruins 4' 51''
Sexual Desire Ruins 3' 14''
Your Lover Ruins 4' 17''
Good Name Ruins 4' 02''
Fire Ruins 4' 16''
Electronic Journey Ruins 2' 20''
It's Not Too Grand Ruins 3' 55''
Daily And Blue Ruins 3' 07''

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