The Serpents Eggs

JSME Records JSE06
  • LP: Ltd. to 200 copies, screen-printed sleeve
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JSME return with the stark debut by label boss Saele Valese, quick at the heels of their ace HTRK live record.

Recorded 1800m high in the Swiss Alps, on ‘The Serpent’s Eggs’ Saele plays deep into the pitch black aesthetic established thru the label’s previous releases from Ivic, Chra, and SPR, with nine- parts of severe, oxygen depleted drone intensity.

Possibly referring to a line from Brutus in Shakespeare’s ‘Julius Caeser’, as much as the Ingmar Bergman flick or the Dead Can Dance album, Saele’s ‘Eggs’ are self-contained pre-lifeforms; a series of semi-organic, coiled and squirming shapes with metallic bite, appearing to be rendered in the stage before they hatch, when they form naturally darkside instincts to kill each other and leave only the strongest to survive and escape the nest.

It’s life or death business, with each piece possessing its own primitive personality and nature, and making for a thoroughly absorbing sort of electronic evil.

Saele: The Serpents Eggs

The Serpents Eggs_A1 Saele 1' 25''
The Serpents Eggs_A2 Saele 4' 47''
The Serpents Eggs_A3 Saele 4' 35''
The Serpents Eggs_A4 Saele 5' 04''
The Serpents Eggs_A5 Saele 3' 37''
The Serpents Eggs_B1 Saele 6' 05''
The Serpents Eggs_B2 Saele 1' 33''
The Serpents Eggs_B3 Saele 4' 43''
The Serpents Eggs_B4 Saele 6' 02''

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