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Revisionist is the second full-length from Brooklyn avant-post-metal outfit Sannhet (the word means “truth” in Norwegian) and their first for The Flenser. Founded in late 2010, the instrumental trio has amassed a diehard audience within the borough’s broad underground music circuit through their numerous live performances, always choreographed with electrifying visuals. Sannhet released their sprawling debut full-length Known Flood in February of 2013 on Sacrament, the record label run by the co-owner of legendary Brooklyn bar / venue St. Vitus.

Continuing where Known Flood leaves off, Revisionist delivers an epic, trance-inducing concoction of math-metal intricacy, prismatic pop shimmer, and dense metallic crush. Dynamic indie rock-isms and the metal-gaze sound of like-minded combos Deafheaven or Alcest are distilled into concise song structures. At the same time, Sannhet offers the powerful emotiveness of instrumental post-rock acts like Explosions in the Sky or Godspeed You! Black Emperor, packing just as many musical ideas and majestic heights into a compact blast.

Revisionist was mixed by Andrew Schneider (Unsane, Converge, Red Sparrows) and mastered by Carl Saff (Forest Swords, Guided by Voices, Pygmy Lush).

“...welds the power of black metal, sludge metal, and grindcore to the structures and orders of post-rock and post-punk.” - Pitchfork

Sannhet: Revisionist

Revisionist Sannhet 4' 02''
Lost Crown Sannhet 2' 58''
Enemy Victorian Sannhet 6' 18''
You Thy ___ Sannhet 3' 50''
Sinking Forward Sannhet 3' 43''
Atrium Sannhet 3' 39''
Empty Harbor Sannhet 4' 31''
Mint Divine Sannhet 3' 13''
False Pass Sannhet 5' 02''

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