On Reflection

City Slang SLANG50191LP
  • LP: Includes download, black vinyl
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A unique collaborative venture by two giants of the electronic music world, Selling is comprised of Gold Panda and Jas Shaw, one half of techno titans Simian Mobile Disco. The two met a decade ago, and their musical alliance was initially forged when Jas Shaw took time out from SMD activities to mix Gold Panda’s 2010 opus Lucky Shiner. Recorded at Jas’ studio in Kent during 2017, On Reflection ably characterises the warmth, melody and emotion that is infused in all Gold Panda records and adds in a dizzying array of techno and synth styles. Across its concise nine tracks and 42 minutes, On Reflection showcases the duo’s full mastery of the genre, moving seamlessly from the undulating, driving washed-out techno of Dicker’s Dream, to the sweet, shimmering ethereal beauty of Keeping Txme.

Selling: On Reflection

Qprism Selling 3' 51''
Dicker S Dream Selling 8' 38''
No Reflection Selling 4' 20''
Mirror Can Only Lie Selling 5' 33''
Phone Call From The Future Selling 4' 25''
Keeping Txme Selling 4' 47''
Shimmer Selling 1' 12''
Moon In Water Selling 4' 40''
You Can Have It Immediately Selling 4' 11''

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