Sid Le Rock

Gentlemen’s Intermission

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The new maxi release by our friend SID Le ROCK (aka PAN/TONE) rocks the shit. A-side DEVIL’S NIGHT piles the pressure on the dance floor in your peak time night shift for the club. It´s a serious 8+ minute smooth melodic-techno piece from the hands of the Franco-Canadian-Berlin Meister.
The B-side opens up with a majestic SOUL CENTER remix of MADE FOR YOU (original version appeared on SID Le ROCK’s actual album TOUT VA BIEN, shitkatapult june 2010). THOMAS BRINKMANN re-arranges the original arrangement by adding a straight funkyness with filter warmth, bass drums, extra bass...all rolled up into his classic SOUL CENTER touch. The gentle HELLO GORGEOUS completes the GENTLEMEN’S INTERMISSION with it´s surprising smooth indie rock, melancholic and deep pop feeling.
Three wonderful tracks made for you from sweet and salty tears of soul and music.

Sid Le Rock: Gentlemen’s Intermission

Devil's Night Sid Le Rock 8' 37''
Made For You (Soul Center Remix) Sid Le Rock 4' 00''
Hello Gorgeous Sid Le Rock 6' 09''

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