Drag City DC235LP
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Bill Callahan returns after his disco dirt up by Drew Daniel on the sneaky SPT booty flip side. Back to normality, 'Supper' drops into a lushed soft steel guitar strokes, female harmony vocals, fluttering guitar tones and Bill's unique vocals and subject matter. That means sharp observations, a steady stream of humorous spectres, discomfiting intimacy and other heart-warming things packed into nine melody-filled tunes. Ooohhhh, we love smog!

Smog: Supper

Feather By Feather Smog 5' 36''
Butterflies Drowned In Wine Smog 4' 38''
Morality Smog 2' 47''
Ambition Smog 4' 28''
Vessel In Vain Smog 4' 20''
Truth Serum Smog 7' 29''
Our Anniversary Smog 6' 17''
Driving Smog 4' 10''
A Guiding Light Smog 3' 50''

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