Highway Hypnosis

Merge MRG 638 LP
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SNEAKS aka EVA MOOLCHAN, emerges from the male-dominated Baltimore- Washington punk scene, joining the resistance forged by queer black feminists who create, explore, empower, conquer, and play bass. Highway Hypnosis combines bewitching beats and invented words, to produce what Clash Magazine described as “stripped down hip-hop, skeletal postpunk, and extra-dimensional pop music.” Highway Hypnosis was co-produced by CARLOS HERNANDEZ (of Ava Luna), TONY SELTZER (Princess Nokia), and Eva Moolchan herself. A glimmering anthem shrouded in an atmosphere of darkness, her first single “Beliefs” drops its bass along with a call to arms for all non-believers whose mantra is assigned: “Remove your beliefs and start again / ’cause all I wanna do is start again.” Among laughter samples and charming vocals featured on the album lie one club banger, your little sister’s anti-meat school lunch protest song, a 55-second epic bass surprise, and a JACKKNIFE LEE (Taylor Swift, Bat for Lashes, R.E.M.) production credit on “Hong Kong to Amsterdam.”

Sneaks: Highway Hypnosis

Highway Hypnosis Sneaks 1' 56''
The Way It Goes Sneaks 2' 49''
Ecstasy Sneaks 2' 23''
Suck It Like a Whistle Sneaks 2' 33''
Addis Sneaks 1' 39''
Saiditzoneza Sneaks 1' 41''
Money Dont Grow on Trees Sneaks 2' 12''
Cinnamon Sneaks 2' 27''
Holy Cow Never Saw a Girl Like Her Sneaks 55''
Beliefs Sneaks 2' 49''
And Were Off Sneaks 2' 14''
A Lil Close Sneaks 2' 26''
Hong Kong to Amsterdam Sneaks 2' 53''

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