Solitary Dancer

In the Name of the Mother

Optimo Trax OT 033
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Optimo Trax reaches no. 33, the final number in the series (although reserving the right to return at some point). The last release is a 3 track EP from Montreal’s Solitary Dancer that ends the label’s run with a distinctly non 4/4 feel.
We asked Solitary Dancer to say a few words about this EP to which they responded with

- "Recordings inspired by archetypes existing within a hypothetical matriarchal society and how that may pertain to our present day reality.”

Solitary Dancer: In the Name of the Mother

Heroine Dub Solitary Dancer 1' 26''
La Donna Solitary Dancer 1' 26''
Lady Pimp Solitary Dancer 1' 26''

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