Astral Industries AI-13
  • LP: 180 gram vinyl
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Belgian artist Bernard Zwijzen, aka Sonmi451, has for over a decade now been quietly making some of the most luscious ambient we’ve heard here at AI-HQ. We are delighted to announce him as part of the Astral family with this six-track EP - Nachtmuziek - sit back, tune in and drift away.

Sonmi451: Nachtmuziek

Probe Sonmi451 6' 44''
Vladivostok Sonmi451 7' 14''
Outer Shell Sonmi451 6' 46''
Quiet Piece for Bram Sonmi451 5' 33''
Inner Structure Sonmi451 6' 12''
Bay Hatch Sonmi451 5' 28''

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