Under The Yew Possessed

Night School LSSN061R
  • LP: Includes download, black vinyl
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Under The Yew Possessed is the debut album by Sorrow, a group comprised primarily by Rose McDowall and her then husband Robert Lee. Originally released on World Serpent in 1993, Under The Yew Possessed was a stylistic jump from an artist associated primarily with sparkling pop music and a cult hit in the growing neo-folk movement. Self-recorded by the duo with guest musicians from the hidden reverse of the U.K.’s post industrial landscape, this is the first time this work has been available on vinyl.

Sorrow: Under The Yew Possessed

Die Sorrow 4' 36''
Forgive Me Sorrow 4' 42''
Songbird Sorrow 3' 14''
Dew Of The Sea Sorrow 1' 26''
Emptiness Sorrow 3' 40''
Ice And I Sorrow 2' 44''
Ruby Tears Sorrow 2' 21''
Darkness Sorrow 5' 47''
Loki And Evil Sorrow 4' 23''
Under The Yew Possessed Sorrow 3' 21''

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