• 2LP (color): Magenta and green vinyl, heavyweight packaging
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Paul Woolford returns with a totally new approach, which basically means: higher tempo, more energy and much more fun.
Tracks like "Vortex 150" will hit you even through your laptop speakers, "Ardkore Dolphin" offers some fine Retro-Rave-Kitsch, and "A Gargantuan Melting Face Floating Effortlessly Through The Stratosphere" is just one of the sickest (album) closing track we heard in years.

Special Request: VORTEX

Belgian Entrance Special Request 26''
SP4NN3R3D Special Request 5' 07''
Memory Lake Special Request 5' 39''
Ardkore Dolphin Special Request 6' 01''
Fahrenheit 451 Special Request 5' 01''
Vortex 150 Special Request 5' 07''
Levitation Special Request 4' 19''
Fett Special Request 4' 23''
A Gargantuan Melting Face Floating Effortlessly Through The Stratosphere Special Request 4' 59''

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