• 2LP: black vinyl, Stoughton tip on gatefold sleeve
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WHITE1 was originally released in 2003 by Southern Lord as a CD and very limited 3-sided LP edition of 540 copies (in a white sleeve with a sticker , packaged in an embroidered pillowcase and contained a sleeping pill) For these reissues SUNNO))) returned to the original full length unedited premasters /final mixes and brought them to Matt 'The Alchemist' Colton at Alchemy Mastering in London for a complete high resolution 88K/24bit mastering . The bottom end is deeper and more intense, low mids are lusher , high frequencies are smoother and the stereo image is vastly improved, seeming more 3 dimensional spacially and more dynamic.

Sunn O))): White1

My Wall Sunn O))) 25' 17''
The Gates of Ballard Sunn O))) 15' 33''
A Shaving Of The Horn That Speared You Sunn O))) 17' 52''
CUTWOODeD Sunn O))) 15' 25''

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