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11 years since it´s inception, the surreal and darkly romantic Knive still sounds like a mystery and something that´s hard to pin down. Svarte Greiner´s debut album feels like a trip into the forest at midnight, with all the sounds and impressions that comes with it. Spiritual, horrific and fragile in essence, it´s melancholic core is hard to shake off, and feels as present today as it did back then.

While starting off the sub genre of “Accoustic doom” back in 2006, it´s difficult to say what else to name it now, with it´s inspiration and elements from countless genres. The record flows through the dissonant cello´s and washed out vocals of “Ocean out of Wood” past the introverted church organs of “The Black Dress”, distorted guitars and wooden beats of “The Dining Table” to the operatic finalé of “Final Sleep”. Everything scattered with field recordings from crows, branches, walking, sleeping, rain, wind and who knows what. Knive stands on many feet, wherever they may be.

Erik K Skodvin´s path as Svarte Greiner have since been dwelling more and more into this world, picking each element apart to focus on them, stretching them out or cutting them down, looping, experimenting and flooding with reverb - trying to make time stop and night fall. But for now a re-visit to where it all started seems appropriate.

Svarte Greiner: Knive

The Boat Was My Friend Svarte Greiner 04' 17''
Ocean Out Of Wood Svarte Greiner 03' 44''
My Feet, Over There Svarte Greiner 06' 03''
Easy On The Bones Svarte Greiner 05' 06''
An Ordinary Hike Svarte Greiner 02' 59''
The Black Dress Svarte Greiner 09' 22''
Ullsokk Svarte Greiner 01' 09''
The Dining Table Svarte Greiner 05' 10''
Final Sleep Svarte Greiner 05' 35''

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