Ten And Tracer

Friendless Now

Nomadic Kids Republic NKR005
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Jonathan Canupp is a name you should know but probably don’t, but then again might. He records under Ten and Tracer and I’ve been into his records for ages and ages now. Back when I was checking out early net label releases, Jonathan came up as one of two people whose work in their entirety I just fell in love with. And funny how he actually works with the other artist now and lives in the same damn city - the person being a certain Jason Corder (offthesky, Juxta Phona) no less. He makes wonderful IDM music and in fact I may have asked him years ago now to make us a ‘meaty beaty’ record. And along he comes with the very cheek of making some sublimely evolved, subtly woven record using violin, tape machines, guitars, maybe some keyboards and other stuff too. Friendless Now is a beautifully realised work, and one of my favourite Ten and Tracer releases to date.

Ten And Tracer: Friendless Now

Homeans Distraction Ten And Tracer 4' 04''
Glas Conducts Ten And Tracer 6' 12''
The Bauplan Ten And Tracer 1' 28''
Motinhades Ten And Tracer 4' 08''
Tundratouched Ten And Tracer 1' 08''
Ripen My Flying Ten And Tracer 1' 54''
Ok, This Is Me Ten And Tracer 4' 20''
The Beadsman Ten And Tracer 46''
Casino At The Black Ten And Tracer 3' 01''
You Were Born Enough To Remember The Stork Ten And Tracer 5' 26''

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