The Album Leaf

In A Safe Place

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  • LP: Includes download, Re-Issue on 180 gr White Vinyl
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"In a Safe Place" was the 4th album by the band The Album Leaf, released in 2004. Recorded in Sigur Rós' Sundlaugin studios, it features collaborations in the recording from Sigur Rós' members and quartet Amiina, as well as Múm and Black Heart Procession.

The Album Leaf: In A Safe Place

Window The Album Leaf 3' 44''
Thule The Album Leaf 4' 23''
On Your Way The Album Leaf 4' 32''
Twentytwofourteen The Album Leaf 5' 41''
The Outer Banks The Album Leaf 4' 23''
Over The Pond The Album Leaf 4' 55''
Another Day (Revised) The Album Leaf 4' 22''
Streamside The Album Leaf 3' 34''
Eastern Glow The Album Leaf 6' 07''
Moss Mountain Town The Album Leaf 9' 22''

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